Broken Clock Gamescast Episode 17 - Post E3 Lull, And The Return of ESRBeatdown

June 26, 2017

E3 has come and gone, and the normal post E3 lack of big news items has arrived. There was still some stuff to go through, including the launce of Sega Forever, Final Fantasy Fourteen expansion issues, new details on the new God of War, plus cease and desist letters impacting the GTA modding community. We also incorporate some quick bits about new DLC, some release date confirmation, and the death of a Kickstarter game, in this weeks Lightning Round/Not Lightning Round. With less news this week, there was time for the return of ESRBeatdown, which featured the games first ever cheating scandal. Dont forget to like and subscribe, and follow us on Twitter @BrokenClockPods.


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