Broken Clock Gamescast Episode 19 - Pinball Wizards!

July 10, 2017

On a special edition of the Broken Clock Gamescast, Adam and Joe recap their day spent at a Pinball and Game Room Expo. The guys talk about a long 7 hour day playing nothing but Pinball machines, and arcade games. They talk about the event, as well as the games, and both came away with a new appreciation for pinball. There was also some news to talk about this week, including new info on Splatoon 2, a new Dynasty Warriors spinoff, and the future of 2D Sonic games. All of this plus another Lightning Round/Not Lightning Round, on this weeks Broken Clock Gamescast. Make sure to follow us on Twitter @brokenclockpods, and give a like and subscribe on you podcast service of choice.


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