Broken Clock Gamescast Episode 22 - Walmart Giveth, Walmart Taketh Away

July 31, 2017

In this week's episode Adam and Joe are feeling betrayed, as they were two of the peopl who got their SNES classic pre-orders cancelled by Walmart. Given how difficuly it was to get an NES classic, not longer having the guarantee makes things a lot worse. Joe also finally played a game that wasnt souls based, as he got Hey Pikmin for the 3ds, while Adam continued to play Splatoon 2, and got trashed talked to in NHL 18. The news was slow this week, and features only negative items regarding Nintendo properties. The lightning round featured some leaks and rumors regarding a flagship AAA title, as well as some smaller news concerning Microsoft's next console release. Dont for to like and subscribe, and to follow us on Twitter @BrokenClockPods.


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