Broken Clock Main Event - Great Balls of Fire

July 10, 2017

It is finally here, and somehow, they managed to keep the stupid name they chose, it's time for the first ever WWE Great Balls of Fire! Surprisingly the show with the dumbest name had a pretty good card. The whole team sits down to give their picks in the hopes of knocking Joe out of his ivory tower, to send him home empty handed. We go through match by match, and also discus some other news for the world of wrestling, including the departure of Austin Aries, and AJ Styles winning his first U.S. Title.


In Part 2, the gang comes back to give their thoughts on the show, as well as reveal who walked away champ. Does the reign of terror that Champion Joe continue? Find out in the wrap up, which if you just want to hear that, starts at 54:37.

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